Thanks to the advances in cell phone technology and the onslaught of apps that allow cell phones to do almost anything that a larger device can do, many people find that they no longer need to carry laptops, e-readers, digital cameras, or other electronic devices with them constantly. However, cell phones do have their limitations, which can make it tougher to rely solely on a cell phone when you're traveling long distances for business or pleasure. Luckily, there are some sell phone accessories that can make up for the limitations in these devices and lighten your load when you travel. Check out three of the most helpful cell phone accessories for the frequent traveler.

Battery Extender Cases

The biggest problem faced by cell phone users when traveling might be the relatively short battery life that cell phones have, compared to larger devices. You don't want to find yourself without a way to make a phone call when you need a cab after spending hours exploring a strange city. Battery extender cases offer a simple answer.

Just charge the case at the same time that you charge the cell phone, then slip the case onto the phone before you head out. A good cell phone battery extender case can double your battery life with minimal effort on your part. When you have one of these cases, there's no need to bring your charging cord everywhere you go and just hope that you can find an outlet. Check out to find the perfect solution for your battery woes. 

Car Mount

Planning a road trip? There's no need to invest in an expensive GPS system when you can install a free app on your phone that will do the same thing. The problem comes with trying to look down at the phone while you drive, and with keeping it plugged in while it slides around in the console or on the passenger seat.

A car mount, with a suction cup that allows you to place the phone on the dashboard at eye level and arms that hold the phone securely in place, is a simple and low-tech solution. With the phone mounted this way, using it to find your destination is no more difficult than changing the station on your car radio, and it's easy to keep the phone plugged into the car charger. That's good news, since GPS apps can be battery draining.

Cell Telephoto Lens

Your camera phone may be great for taking selfies, but is it really as good as a good digital camera? On a vacation, you may want a better quality of photograph to preserve those precious memories. However, rather than dragging an extra device along, you may find that a clip-on telephoto lens does the trick just as well.

Attach the device to your phone, with the lens over the camera's eye, and you'll be ready to take high quality photos with depth and range. Your photos will be clearer and sharper, and you'll still only need to carry around one electronic device at a time.

No matter where you're traveling or what you need to do when you get there, a cell phone, along with the right accessories, can help you accomplish your goals.